Kingdom Man by Tony Evans Week 2

God gave Adam a house. He told him to both garden it and guard it… Even before he knew he had an enemy.

God created a lesser creature… Man… So that he could show what god can do with less that is committed to him than what he can do with a greater being in rebellion to him.

If you are a Christian, you have been chosen bit only to be saved in heaven but to be great in history.

Referees aren’t just ordinary men. They may be smaller, slower, and older, but they have authority. The players may have power but the refs have authority.

God doesn’t want me to become great the same way the world makes people great. God didn’t say we should despise greatness but rather we should follow his path to it.

Everything god calls men to is more than they think they can achieve.


Moses was the meekest man that ever lived yet God made him like a god to pharaoh.

He process of breaking a horse is to ride it until it gets the point. When a horse gets broken, it doesn’t lose it’s power or strength… It’s just had its will adjusted.

God won’t allow something in his stable to be independent of him. He will make us week so that he can make us great.

The biggest Christian man is the one who has gone low before god. Like an offensive lineman.

Greatness is when you achieve the reason for living…

Story of Shamgar in Judges. A farmer listens to god and becomes great. Killed 600 men w a stick.

The devil is ok w us calling god god but he wants to remove the “lord.”

A great part of being a man is naming. We name what god gives us. We bring reality to things as to what they are to be.

Take the red pill. “Welcome to the real world.”

Kingdom Man by Tony Evans Week 1

The guys at our church are doing a little study with Tony Evans. I’m lot one for filling in a workbook that will just go on a shelf so my notes go here.

The cry for kingdom men is coming from the culture, from men themselves, and from Almighty God.

“Stand in the gap.”

A kingdom man not only believes in god but also has learns to love his life under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

you are not a kingdom man unless god is telling you what to do.

Isa 34:23-24 men meet w god 3x a year. Get their marching orders. Things will be better when you get home because you’ve met w god. We ate sent home as representatives of god.

Chaos comes when god is not allowed to be god in the life of a man.

A woman is a mirror to let a man know what his submission to god looks like.

The goal of a kingdom man is to implement the rule of god, not make rules of his own. When god can get men to leave their normal activities things will happen that they’ve never imagined.

We need to remind ourselves, this is not our house. We were placed here to manage it, but it is now our own.

God calls is to be men of the kingdom, submitting out rule to his rule. This is where freedom lies.

Kingdom men represent in time God’s ___ from eternity.

When Inspiration Strikes

Last night was one of those rare nights where inspiration struck and wouldn’t let me go. I’ve written before about how computer code is a bit of an art form for me, and last night, a canvas was dropped before me and a brush was stuck in my hand.

Sometimes it’s just a puzzle piece that falls into place that starts it all. That’s what happened last night. A key piece to the messaging system I’m re-working over at ProtegaText finally got looked into, and it was so simple (not easy – simple) to implement that it got me literally saying “wow, wow, wow” as I sat here in my recliner coding late into the evening. I couldn’t put it down, but eventually I did, and it was still a reasonable hour for bedtime.

Thing is, though, the brain was in gear, and the heart was following it right along. I laid in bed – no longer imagining how this might work – but seeing it, line by line, form by form, and piece by piece – all come together. Eventually I had to get up… not to code, but to find my notebook, pen, and a book light. I haven’t looked at the scribbles I created yet this morning, but I know they are awesome. Workflows that I’ve been struggling to see. Electronic conversations I couldn’t figure out. It’s all there.

Nights like this are rare, and that’s probably a good thing, given that I’m a father of two children who need tending early in the morning. I’m not at a stage of life where I can pull all nighters writing code, but when the moment strikes, sometimes you just can’t ignore it.

One thing I loved about last night is that my wife wanted to hear about it. Maybe that was just because I was keeping her up with my book light and scribbling – instead of wadding up ideas that don’t work I just scribble them out. But she kept asking, and instead of giving her the old “you don’t want to hear,” I went ahead and told her… who knows what she understood -she’s no techie – but she wanted to hear, nonetheless.

And then came that moment every man longs for… “I’m proud of you.” TWICE she said that last night. TWICE. Rocks my world.

So yeah… inspiration struck last night. And here I am, throwing the rock on the pile.

And for the record… a few other things happened yesterday:

  • Picked up a signed agreement for our first government project, which also happens to be one of the largest single projects we’ve ever done. This thing has the signature of an elected official on it! That may seem petty… but there’s over a year and a half worth of nurturing a relationship in this, and I love it.
  • Had my first meeting with a possible distributor for TruckStock, and wow, that meeting went great. I was originally meeting with just the regional store manager (or so I thought), but when I walked in I also found myself face to face with the sales manager, the e-commerce guy, and the COO, who had travelled up from Cincinnati. Following the meeting, the regional manager took me aside and talked about how the COO rarely shows his cards this early in the game, and that he thought this might be a win-win-win opportunity with real promise. I felt the same.
  • Picked up a new client… an old time friend… through a new networking group I’m part of.
  • Dropped by a ProtegaText friend and left him with some materials to pass out to his friends.
  • Watched my son play soccer.
  • Ran off some steam with my dog.
  • Heard back on an opportunity that really has me curious… that’s all I can say there for now.
  • A few other things, which I won’t mention here… it was just a great day. And the thing is, that wasn’t all just “out of the blue.” These moments have been coming – some steady, some fast and furious, and some even slow, hard, tricky, and with a good dose of frustration.

I love how Faithful and True my Father is. I love how when I hear those “I’m Proud Of You” comments sometime they seem to come straight from him.

Thank you so much, Father. SDG.

Leaning Into Fear

Interesting thing about fear that I’ve learned lately – it leaves you off balance and unsafe. The more you allow it to have hold the more off balance and unsafe you are. When you lean into that which you fear, you become balanced and safer and stronger.

– My Wife, Erin

Building Community, One Project at a Time

I’ve come to be a big believer in community during my years of being part of the Daily Audio Bible family. It’s taken on a much deeper meaning to me – more than just friends, family, church, and  neighbors. I don’t really know how I would describe it, but I now know it when I see it. And I love it.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to start working on some community-driven web projects with my business. One’s for a town, and another is for a small school. Both “clients” have potential to be a hub of the physical community, and want to build a website that acts as such… not just providing information, but sharing stories, connecting people, and truly serving. These are just FUN for me, and I appreciate the people-side of it so much more now that I feel I have a grasp of where community starts.

Today, yes today, the twenty-fifth of September, I got the voice mail that the agreement for a large-for-me community project was signed and ready to be executed. Such an exciting day! I knew it was coming, but the waiting game can still play tricks with you. But it’s done. And I’m so excited to be working with these leaders, the town, and it’s community.

S.D.G. Solo Deo Gloria.

The silent intervention of God

EstherThe thing I love about the book of Esther is that even though God’s name is never mentioned, His intervention and care for his people is impossible to ignore.

If you were one if the characters in the story, living it from the inside, you might have a hard time seeing Him. You might know He was there but wonder why He wasn’t actively stepping in and setting His people free. You might doubt His love. You might even give up on His promises. But then in the end, when the nation is saved through the inter-workings of seemingly disconnected events, you’d finally see. You’d smack your head and say “Oh. My. God. You were here. All along.”

Such is life. God isn’t one who must always dramatically step in and miraculously open that door at the last minute. His plan is ever working, whether its for the redemption of a nation or the healing and change that can only come through the course of tragedy we can’t understand.

This is ahard one. To believe. To live. To tell others in the thick of it. But to live like Mordecai, a man who still believed… Who never gave up hope, and did what was right no matter what… That is my desire.

Perhaps you… I… Perhaps WE were made for such a time as this.