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ME2U is a positive step in the evolution of mobile safety. We create a secure buffer through which coaches, pastors, teachers, mentors, and other youth leaders can safely text today’s youth. Through our platform, parents give permission for group leaders to text their children and can monitor all messages send back and forth between their kids and other adults invested in their lives. ME2U is founded on the values of safety, accountability, and persistent, positive input, and we’re excited about the opportunity to share our vision with the world.


Would you consider supporting our mission by sharing our story with your own circle of friends or joining our campaign at  to raise funds and awareness to launch the system by the end of 2012? For a limited time, you can pre-purchase our system at a great discount and have a say in the final product as we bring the system to life.


I’d be more than happy to speak with you at any time and tell you more about why this is important to me how you can get involved.


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ME2U on Fox 59

ME2U was featured as the top story on a local news channel on October 19. It was a great chance to share a bit of our vision and message with the local community. The story’s text is below, along with a link to the video.

New website aims to reduce inappropriate relationships between children and adults

By Joe LePage

5:20 p.m. EDT, October 19, 2012

It seems to be an epidemic—too many cases of teachers, coaches, or even pastors accused of having inappropriate relationships with young people they’re supposed to watch over.

A new website called ME2U aims to help curb the problem. 

“That is the thing I see the most as I look for ways to use this, is unfortunately after things go bad,” said Chet Cromer, aMartinsville-based developer. “If we can prevent that I think that is the greatest opportunity we have.”

Cromer said ME2U will keep parents in the loop by monitoring the messages their kids send and receive. 

“From the very beginning we want to get the parents involved so that they can see what is going on with the relationships with the other adults in their lives,” said Cromer.

It starts with the teams or organizations, which can sign up for ME2U. After that, the cell phone numbers of everyone in the group go in a database. Then, every week, every message to and from a child is emailed to his or her parents.
“We do not want them to come to the site to check up on their kids, we want to be a little bit more proactive in that accountability,” said Cromer.

Parents, like Bryan Campbell, like the added access because it’s better than the alternative.

“It could traumatize a kid, it really could,” said parent Bryan Campbell. “As many of those opportunities we have to give a positive reinforcement, we need to be there.”

Others, like Rebecca Kanach have concerns about the site and similar programs.

“I would probably pause and want to know how are those texts protected?” said Kanach. “What encryption is in place to keep someone down the street from getting them?” 

Cromer said work on the site is ongoing, but he believes the concept is rock solid.

“Instead of throwing the entire concept of texting these kids, when it is a practical application out the window, they will actually be able to use it in a way that is both effective and meaningful to those kid’s lives,” Cromer said.

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Go This Way

Go This Way

In my Bible reading today, the people asked the prophet to “ask the Lord to tell us where he wants us to go and what he wants us to do” and then said that “we promise to do whatever he says, even if it isn’t what we want to do.”

Subsequently, the response they got wasn’t what they wanted to hear, and they refused to obey.

I don’t take this reminder lightly. As I seek to follow God’s leading by asking Him, “what should I do here [and here] [and here],” am I seriously awaiting his response? Am I really willing to hear Him say, “Go,” “Stop,” or “Keep trudging along; it will be worth it.”

I feel what He’s communicating to me right now, this very moment, is “rest awhile.” Not for a week of vacation, not even for a whole day off, but just for a break. An hour’s respite, despite the demands of the day that He’s also shown me are part of what I am called to do.

The easy way out is not an option. Casting my cares on my King is. And so that’s what I am going to do. Throw on some shorts, go for a walk / run / ride, and come back and face life once again, wholeheartedly and strong.



Texting with safety and accountability baked right in


We sent the following email to a select group of friends, families, and professionals earlier today. As we prepare to launch ME2U, we’re excited to bring others on board.

I’m writing today to share news about an event associated with our up-and-coming family friendly messaging service aimed to help groups communicate with teens and children in a manner founded on the values of safety, accountability, and persistent positive input.

It’s been said that teenagers interact with their cell phones over 250 times a day, and stats tell us that the average teen sends well over 3,000 text messages each month (Nielsen). While most of these messages are to and from their friends, there are also many adults interacting with our children on any given day, and text messaging has come to be a very effective way to reach them. This raises the question: How can parents ensure that the communication between their children and the invested adults in their lives is appropriate, in line with family values, and not crossing dangerous boundaries? One-to-one text messaging and mass-texting systems offer no accountability and give group leaders direct access to personal contact information, allowing leaders to directly communicate with teens with little to no accountability with the parents.

Our solution to this problem is ME2U (Me To You). Once a group is created within our system, parents are invited to authorize their children to receive text messages from the group. No personal exchange of cell phone numbers is ever needed, and when the group leader sends a message, all he sees is the names of those within their group. In addition to this layer of privacy, parents receive a weekly email digest showing them all messages sent to their children through our system. These layers of safety, privacy, and accountability make our system unique and a great tool for the belt of teachers, coaches, youth pastors, mentors, and any number of other adult leaders who need to stay in contact with youth.

We are nearing completion of our system for its initial public release, and are beginning to shift gears to spread the word amongst our family, friends, and like-minded media outlets and resources. Within the next week, we will be launching a fundraising effort to complete our project at Fundable. We would love to see you personally involved in our fund-raising efforts or help us spread the word with your own personal network of family and friends.

 We’ll be in contact again within the next week as we roll out our project on Fundable, but in the meantime, we invite you to follow the project or check out our work in progress at ME2U.US.

Thank you,

Chet Cromer

Founder, ME2U.US
(317) 721-2248

Purpose in the Pain

Today in my Bible reading time I ran once again across Jeremiah 29. There’s a verse in this chapter that is quoted time and time again as a promise to those in pain:

“For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord. Plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”

The thing is, if you read this verse in light of the rest of chapters 28 and 29, the way it’s used in our Christian circles goes out the window. I wrote about this a while back after reading a book called Run with the Horses. God isn’t offering this promise just to console the people. He’s not telling them, “sit back and wait it out – I’ll rescue you soon.” In Jeremiah 28, a false prophet is PUT TO DEATH for offering a false hope that within a short while the nation would be rescued. Then, in Jeremiah 29, the direct context of this promise, God (through Jeremiah) directs the people to settle down in their exile, to go about life, to even pray for those who have taken them captive.

Most if not all of the generation Jeremiah is writing to will likely not see their redemption, for it is many years in the future. But they can prepare their children for it. They can pass along the promise of the Lord, they can continue living lives set apart to Him in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. They can pass along not only what God has promised to DO, but the very essense of WHO GOD IS, because all too often that’s what gets lost in times of disappointment and sorrow.

Let us not “forget to remember.” Let’s ensure that we’re retelling the story, no matter what our current circumstance, to those that follow us, and to ourselves. For it is in that remembering, that recounting, that reliving, that the truth of God’s promises is revealed, and his lovingkindness is truly shown to be everlasting.