Eminence Storms

Yesterday our little town got nailed by some very strong winds. We got in the truck and drove around afterwards to see some of the damage, and then I went back a little later to help clean up some debris. I wound up on the same street, and then at this very house, where this news story came from.

Good Google!

Ever since I started my business back in 2004, I’ve cringed a number of times at the name I picked. It’s awfully hard to tell someone over the phone how to spell “C2IT Consulting”: “C, The Number Two, I, T, Consulting…. Inc.” And then there was Google. Sure, if you typed in C2IT Consulting, our site was up there, but just “C2IT”? Oh no, that went to some defunct product of Citibank that had tried (and failed) to rival Paypal.

But no longer! Google C2IT, and our company site is #1! Yeah! What good that does, I don’t know… Why I even thought to look today, I don’t know. But I did. And it was one of those little reminders that there are so many things out of my control – and yet, when I wait, plod along on the course that is set for me, and allow things to “work out” as they should, there’s a good chance (and the word “chance” is used ever so lightly there) that it’ll work out.

Sounds a lot like the book of proverbs. They’re not rules, but they are guides. And they just seem to make a lot of sense.

Is it worth it?

I’m writing on empty right now. It’s 2:00 PM Saturday, and I’ve had 5 minutes of sleep since 6:00 AM Friday. There is a two hour nap in my sights, but not just yet… but it’s coming. I sit here trying to stay awake, and wind up listening to the daily audio bible and journalling on my blog, just to keep my mind engaged. I just put my son down for a nap, and prayed for supernatural rest, relief from fatigue, and blessing for the 15+ teens and adults who were at our house all night last night. What a night it was. Full of fun, but also full of times to talk, to reflect a little, and even to just hang out and starve ourselves of sleep for”the cause.”

A noble cause? Maybe not. But it was fun. We had a bunch of the teens from church over for an overnight party at the house. It wound up involving a lot of fire-related sitting and chatting, horseback riding, guitar, games in the dark, movies on the big screen, and games under the barn lights or in the loft. We had one guy who sacked out upstairs and some girls downstairs in the house, and some other girls up in the loft of the barn, and one other guy crashed out by the fire… and I mean crashed – a few of us walked up to him to take his blanket, not even knowing there was a person in there. The rest of us hung in the barn for an all nighter with National Treasure, watched the stars, Moon, Venus, and the Milky Way move through the night, and got to watch the sun both set and rise, all to the tune of the same fire.

Great times. Tiring times. But good. I tie this back in my own life to several events a few years ago where my own heart was pricked to the point of finally opening up to what it really cares about, to where it is really willing to pay the price to make a difference. I’m drawn back to conversations about that heart’s direction, where it might go, and how in the world it might ever get there. This was another step. A step with my wife, with a brother, and with some good friends… and with a horde of teenagers. 🙂

I can’t think of what else to write. Going to finish this DAB, finish an episode of 24 I started 2 days ago, and then crash for an hour or two, I hope… This evening holds plans and opportunties of things that “need to be done,” but we shall see. Not everything is really all that important.